Tarschys, Elis

Born 1885-09-12.
Died 1948-12-07.

Elis Tarschys. Pedigree chart Born 1885-09-12. Died 1948-12-07.        

   Maria Olschanski Pedigree chart Born 1884-02-09 in Oskarshamn.
Died 1962-09-18.

    Arne Tarselius. Born 1916-01-16 in Katrina förs, Stockholm.
Died 1992-10-09 in Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholm.

    Rut Tarselius. Born 1918-03-30 in Katarina förs, Stockholm.
Died 1987-06-27 in Engelbrekt, Stockholm.

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